Monday, September 3, 2018

Kids Swim Goggles By Marco Polo

My Thoughts

For some reason I have been obsessed with frigs sense i was little. So its no surprised that my son loves them as well. My son loved these goggles when they came in the mail , he couldn't even wait to put them on LOL. The goggles are so cute. There is even a little crown on them. After wearing them and trying them out we can tell you they worked well. They kept the water out.

Overall these goggles worked nicely look cute and are fun for kids. I also like ho the company has them in other animals as well.

You can get these on Amazon

Product Information
  • OR TINY SWIMMING CHAMPIONS: These water goggles are perfect for kids that love swimming and having fun under the water. The cute swim goggles will give your children clear vision in the water while protecting their eyes from the water.
  • COMPLETELY LEAK RESISTANT: No need to worry about salty water leaking into the goggles and hurting your kid’s sensitive eyes! The swimming goggles were specially designed to be 100% leak resistant and keep your child’s eyes dry at all times.
  • MAXIMUM COMFORT: The crab goggles are very comfortable so that your little one can wear them for hours without ever experiencing any discomfort! They will perfectly fit your children’s face and never hurt the bridge of their nose for unique convenience.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The swim goggles for kids are made with the best quality materials for perfect results. They are very strong and durable and their unique design gives them amazing stability so they can stay securely on your child’s face.
  • ADORABLE DESIGN: The water goggles for kids come in a unique crab design that is very cute and funny. The crab goggles will make your summer vacation adorably fun and they will make the perfect gift for all tiny swimmers!

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