Thursday, August 30, 2018

Halloween Decor Time!!!!

If you are like us then you love Halloween! Everyone in my family enjoy this Holiday. So we couldn't wait to decorate. My son and I really had a good time getting this stuff up and displayed. We used the fllowing items in out display. Come back later on. I am sure we will add more decorations

This is a nice big spider web! perfect for the bushes out side. The spiders can be set up inside on the dining room table or coffee table

EXQUISITHEART Stretchable Spider Web 60 Spiders Halloween Party Decorations  (800ft. Square, White Webbing)

We used this one on the kitchen counter. My son really loved putting the spiders all over the web! The web is nice and soft. The spiders are a nice size. They looked pretty realistic too. 

Dazonge Halloween Spider Web

These spider lights are super cool! They are battery operated so you can really put them any where. We decided to put them on the TV stand first but then moved them under the counter to accent the other decorations. 
These lights can be set on blinking or on all the time! 

Dazonge Halloween Purple Spider String Lights

This lace web is super fun as well. THis is very long so you can put it on the counter or on a fire place. It also comes with bats and double sided table to hag them. The tape pad is easy to apply and sticks very nicely too

Dazonge Halloween Fireplace Mantle Scarf Black Cobweb Lace Runners (12pcs Bats Wall Decal Stickers Included)

GSM Brands Halloween Eyeball Bouncy Balls  10 Pack

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