Sunday, August 12, 2018

Deodorizers for Diaper Genie and MOre Review

My Thoughts
Babies maybe one of the cutest things in this world but they sure can leave a smelly diaper LOL My daughter just had a baby in May and this was perfect for her! I never seen these before

These are eco-friendly air purifiers come from the finest non-toxic natural and moso bamboo.The best thing about these little things is they are organic!!! That is so important when you using them with a baby

 I can tell you from only using them a short time we can already tell the difference. These can be used in so many places. I put one in the car under the seat and its working well so far!

This set comes with 12. That  is enough for 6 months. I think that is a good amount at a good price as well. Overall I think these have helped with the smell and we car breathe easier now.You can get these on Amazon Here

Product Information
  • STINK FREE - Make your nursery room and entire home odor-free with Purple Safety’s all-natural odorless and hypoallergenic deodorizers. Our deodorizers filter the precious air you breathe and works perfectly with any type of Diaper Pail or Diaper Genie. Can also be used as garbage or trash freshener.
  • ORGANIC AND ODORLESS: Utilizing activated carbon technology, our eco-friendly air purifiers come from the finest non-toxic natural and moso bamboo (a biodegradable and highly renewable resource). They consist of large-shaped porous granules, and a 99.99% nitrogen purity level, maximizing odor elimination and not just masking odors like so many other deodorizers available today.
  • 12 MONTHS SUPPLY: Simply tape 1 sachet to the top of the Baby Diaper Pail, dump 2 at the bottom, and you’re good to go for the next 3 months. We provide you with 6 sachets total.
  • DIAPER PAIL SAFE: The biggest issue with diaper pails is the smell when you open them to put the dirty diaper in. Our deodorizers will purify your diaper pail completely.

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