Sunday, July 29, 2018

Heated Eye mask Review

My Thoughts
I have always had issues with my eyes. I have been looking for a nice eye mask to feel nice. I tried this mask and it felt very nice!  This mask fits very nice and i like that you can adjust the heat to one of three levels and the just relax for 20 to 40 minutes.Another awesome thing is that the mask keeps the temperature.I can tell you one thing that made me happy about trying this mask is it it doesn't emit any Electromagnetic radiation.Overall it is very relaxing to use as an eye restorative mask

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Product Information 

  • REWARD YOURSELF A COMFORTABLE AND RELAXING EYE THERAPY: The feature of zero pressure and 360° shading provide comfortable feel. You can enjoy it with no pain by the elastic and soft strap and adjust the strap to fit your head size. This mask provides beauty and skincare therapy to smooth your wrinkles, eliminate dark circles and improves the blood circulation around your eyes and gives you a relaxing eye therapy.
  • ENJOY AN EYE SPA ANYTIME AND ANYWHERE YOU LIKE: Light material makes this eye therapy mask soft and easy to carry around. This eye mask is an ideal companion for working, studying or traveling. It can be used anytime and anywhere you like. Just simply plug the power-saving USB cord to power bank, PC or USB adapter to power up it. No matter you want a short break or a deep sleep this electronic heating eye mask can improve the quality of your relaxation.
  • HIGH SAFETY FACTOR: Safety is a common concern with eye area since it is sensitive. Our heating eye mask is set to work for 1 HOUR EACH TIME. This automatic shut-off function makes it safe to use when sleeping and no need to worry about long-time heating after falling asleep. To make it start again, just simply press the power button. Low driving voltage is required for powering up this eye mask and it can be heated without causing electromagnetic radiation.

  • BRING MORE HEALTH TO YOUR LIFE: This heating eye mask is a healthy item that is great for travelers, hard workers and students. The far-infrared wavelength emitted by the graphene heating film is very close to human body far-infrared wavelength so that this mask is perfect to provide physical therapy. It can soothe the symptoms of tired, puffy and dry eyes. This heating eye mask is very helpful if you would like to have a stress-free sleep and refresh your brain. It is a perfect sleep mask to im
  • ADJUST THE TEMPERATURE TO YOUR PREFERRED LEVEL: High-tech new material graphene is used as the heating element in our product and it can provide even surface heating. You can control the temperature of this eye mask by pressing switch button to change the power. There are three different modes of temperature (low, medium and high) ranged from 100.4°F to 113°F. The temperature can be adjusted to your preferred level.

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